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Read what students & parents have to say about Peter’s Oakville guitar lessons.

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 Guitar students

I have been taking guitar lessons with Peter since Sept. 2016 and I am happy how much I have learned and improved over the months. Peter has extensive knowledge in music theory, composition and guitar playing.  There were many times when I asked questions about music theory or composition or playing techniques and he answered them quickly and understandably.  He is a very good teacher and I’m looking forward to future lessons, so I can enjoy guitar playing even more.

Joe T.Guitar StudentOakville, May 2017

I started taking lessons with Peter a year ago and the difference in my playing is evident. His instruction has made a major impact on how I play as I am learning so much with each lesson that we have. Peter has helped create a plan for me to achieve my musical goals and is always helpful when I have questions. But most importantly… I am having fun and what I learn is helping me to enjoy music more than I already do!

Neil G.Guitar StudentOakville, February 2017

Peter Smith is a fantastic teacher! Having been friends with one of his old students – one of the best guitarists my age, and through seeing the development in myself, Peter Smith’s teachings are ideal for any guitar player! His jazz influences combined with his vast knowledge of the guitar fret-board makes his playing style one of a kind – a style that any guitar player no matter how advanced could learn from.

Eric M.Guitar StudentOakville, June 2008

Peter Smith is an amazing guitar player and teacher. I had the pleasure of studying with Peter for 5 years, and in those 5 years he helped me to grow and discover myself musically. Peter is a very versatile guitar player, and he can help you improve your playing in any style; jazz, rock, blues, classical, and everything in between. Peter helped me develop my technique and skill through the study of repertoire. This allowed me to play exactly what I enjoyed and it kept me interested and excited. Peter is very supportive and encouraging, and he will teach you anything you want to learn. Whether you’re learning guitar just for fun, or taking it to the advanced level and striving to become a professional musician, Peter is a wicked awesome teacher!

John H.Guitar StudentOakville, June 2008

Dear Peter: We just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we were thoroughly pleased with you as our son’s guitar teacher. We chose to enroll him in music not only to have fun but also to learn all he can so that he can take music to whatever level he chooses. This year our son won a scholarship for his performance at the Merriam Music Festival, and we believe that the extra time you took to help him prepare for this had a great deal to do with his success. You have created a great foundation for our son to continue on with, and we thank you for that.

The comfortable environment of your lessons allowed our son to maximize his abilities and feel at ease with his shortfalls. He always felt very comfortable to ask you any question no matter how simple. Your lessons were always well balanced with fun and the essentials necessary to ensure his development. You always well prepared our son for recitals, school performances and exams and often went above and beyond what we felt you had to do as far as accommodating our needs. We will miss you greatly and wish you all the success in your new venture. Your future students are lucky to have you!!

Greg & Dawn P.ParentsOakville, June 2008Guitar Student

I have had Peter as a guitar teacher for 3 years and I enjoy my lessons with him. He makes learning guitar fun and keeps me interested by working with me and teaching me songs that I enjoy listening to. I feel confident after my lessons and eager to practice what was taught.

Vladimir M.Guitar StudentOakville, August 2013Age 12

As a 53 yr-old professional, with wide international experience under my belt, I can say this:

I’ve achieved many things in my life, some exciting, some unusual. Amongst my accomplishments, the one thing I could never count, although I’ve always loved music, was any level of understanding of music theory …until I met and started working with Peter.

Ten months in, my level of confidence has risen dramatically under Peter’s wise and thoughtful guidance. I am at the start of my journey into significantly enhanced understanding of the guitar and how to develop and grow. I am convinced beyond any doubt that I could be in no better hands than those of Peter Smith as I enjoy moving forward on this wonderful ride.

Martin D.Guitar StudentOakville, July 2013

I am more than happy to recommend music teacher Peter Smith. His relaxed manner and astute direction teaching guitar to my daughter Sofia has been a great success. Under his training, Sofia is not only learning to play the guitar beautifully, she is learning to love and cherish music itself.

Edgar M.FatherOakville, July 2013Guitar Student

Having had the honour of being in his audience for over 15 years, I consider Peter to be intrinsically talented and pure pleasure to hear. He is focused, patient and a consummate professional. Never one to waste your time or money, he truly loves what he does.

Jan M.Guitar StudentOakville, July 2012

Peter has provided lessons to me for the past several years. As an adult student, I find Peter to be an exceptional teacher. He teaches a great mix of theory and technique, with time always allowed to learn and play songs of personal interest. He is willing to learn unfamiliar songs to be able to teach them to me and is great at suggesting songs that I enjoy. He challenges me to improve my skills, while being patient as I practice. Finally, he is flexible and accommodating, which is very helpful for my busy schedule. I would recommend Peter without hesitation.

Darren H.Guitar StudentOakville, June 2012

Peter is an exceptional guitarist and an excellent teacher. He has a great ability to break a lesson or topic down into sections to convey it in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Peter works with me to assess my guitar playing ability and develop a lesson structure to improve my skills, gain music theory knowledge, and have fun. Since Peter’s lessons are designed around me and my individual learning pace, I have drastically improved by abilities. I highly recommend Peter to anyone who is interested in learning guitar in a relaxed atmosphere with a teacher who is focused on providing students with a solid base of skills and theory to meet their individual goals.

Greg C.Guitar StudentOakville, June 2012

Peter Smith is an exceptional musician and teacher. He brings the utmost knowledge, professionalism and understanding to every lesson. The fundamentals of music and your instrument are taught, demonstrated and explained at a pace suitable to your level of understanding. The exercises he provides have helped my understanding of the fret board and my dexterity greatly. I also very much value the fact I can bring him a song I love and he tabs it out and helps me to learn it. His patience mixed with encouragement gives me the gift of excitement at my rate of progress and always leaves me feeling motivated to practice towards new skills. I recommend Peter Smith Guitar lessons no matter your level of musicianship. His lessons and your enjoyment of playing are guaranteed to help you reach new heights of your own musical potential.

Jasmine V.Guitar StudentJune, 2012

Peter Smith teaches my son, 14 years old, and is not only excellent technically, skills and drills, but more importantly an excellent mentor. The second is the key component, as I will only surround my family with quality people. Peter is patient, and is able to keep the lesson current and relevant to my son’s progression. Peter Smith is a pleasure to know, he brings out the best in my son, he is a fantastic teacher. My family recommends Peter highly.

Jack & Sandra M.ParentsOakville, June 2012Guitar Student

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