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Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar Lessons in Oakville

Lessons are available on either the acoustic, electric or bass guitar.

Guitar lessons are offered to students of all levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced and are tailored to suit the interests, needs and abilities of each individual student. Lessons are available in all popular styles of music as well as classical.

Peter’s guitar lessons focus on helping students cultivate their intuitive musical senses (rhythm and pitch) in combination with developing their analytical skills (comprehension and application of musical principles). This results in a more enriched lesson experience providing increased musical enlightenment and appreciation – something students can take with them through the rest of their lives.

Student - Peter Smith Guitar

Brief Sample Lesson

Counting Stars – intro – 3 levels of difficulty (2:09)

Rhythm/Lead Guitar Demo

Some ideas inspired by the piano vamp from the Joe Cocker version of “Feelin’ Alright”. (2:08)

“Blackbird” tutorial

Tutorial giving instructions on how to play the first section of “Blackbird” using a basic fingerpicking pattern. (8:31)

Guitar Study Approach

Oakville Ontario guitar studentPeter encourages students to select music for study that appeals to them and excites them the most. Students practice more and are more engaged when they are playing music of their own choice. They progress more quickly and achieve greater fulfillment of their aspirations. This contributes to simply having more fun with music.

As students develop musically, they naturally incline toward more challenging and fulfilling repertoire.

Finding an excellent teacher is a critical step when embarking on learning to play the guitar.

Structured Approach to Learning the Guitar Fretboard

Over the last 30 years, I have a developed a structured approach to learning the fretboard of the guitar. This unique approach helps students effectively prepare to apply musical ideas to the fretboard. This is particularly helpful as students develop their own sense of musical expression. This approach starts with beginners and is followed through all levels of instruction. It encompasses the application of technical exercises, scales, intervals, chords, ear training, composition and improvisation.

Introductory Guitar Lesson Offer – see Pricing page

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